Microsoft Points [Xbox 360]

With the Xbox 360 marketplace you only usually get a single item on offer once a week. This leaves you with 99.99% of the content available to download at a fixed price. Therefore the value and bargain seeking gamer has to find Microsoft Points at below the going rate (100 MSP= £0.85) to save some money.

In my experience the only practical way to do this is to buy 2100 MSP (Microsoft Points) cards from online retailers. The current rate for 2100 MSP is £17.85 so that’s what we’re aiming to beat. Usually the best you can do is ~£15 for 2100 which is a saving of 16%.

Sometimes a good deal might crop up (I’ll try to post it on this site) but if you take £15 as your new price you get the following savings:

  • 1200MSP game (e.g. Shadow Complex): £10.20 £8.57
  • 800MSP game (e.g. ‘Splosion Man): £6.80 £5.71
  • 400MSP game (e.g. Small Arms): £3.40 £2.86
  • 160MSP Rock Band/Guitar Hero single: £1.36 £1.14

However if you only need a few points I would recommend getting 500MSP direct from your Xbox as the 800MSP cards never seem to be a good price. Also 4200 cards always seem to be more that the 2x the cheapest 2100 card so I would avoid those too.

Price comparison of 2100MSP Cards at

Seeing as this price isn’t currently listed on gamestracker here’s a link to on for £14.95 from Zavvi:

Also if you text ZAVVI to 82100 you will get a £1 voucher netting this for £14.15 delivered (including the price of the text message). Calls cost the standard rate (10p-12p or whatever you pay). If only I had a spare £14!

Calculate your new £-to-MSP rate

I have uploaded a spreadsheet to Zoho that will let you calculate the cost of your next marketplace purchase in £s. You can input the price you paid for your points, how many points you bought and the cost of the game (in MSP). It will then tell you the cost you would pay at RRP and the reduced cost available thanks to your frugal purchase.

You can check it out here. You can use it directly from your browser so don’t worry if you don’t have a spreadsheet application on your computer. You can also export it to your favourite format if you’d rather keep it on your PC.

Microsoft Points Converter ( – for those that are interested


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