‘Splosion Man Avatar Awards [Xbox 360]

‘Splosion Man is a great game. One of my first purchases on the Xbox, it’s a nice blend of infuriating twitch-platforming with a bit of puzzle action; covered with stupidity. It’s also the first Xbox game to include avatar awards. Like achievements they are awarded to you for fulfilling a certain goal in the game. In reality it’s like getting stuff from the Avatar Marketplace for free, once you’ve paid for the game of course.

You can collect 2 different T-shirts if you’re male, and a hoodie and a dress if you’re female.

Splosion Man Avatar awards

Big Science Dress, 'Splosion Man hoodie, 'Splosion Man T-Shirt and Big Science T-Shirt

The awards and the method to unlock them are:

  • To get the ‘Splosion Man hoodie or T-Shirt break a piece of glass
  • To get the Big Science dress or T-Shirt complete the multi-player game

The first one is really easy to get, so see if any of your friends have the game and you can unlock the T-shirt in the first level.


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