Xtival ’09 Goodies [Xbox 360]

Xtival '09Did you enjoy Xtival ’09?

I did because my Gold subscription had run out and I got to play online for free. I mainly played 1 vs 100 though.

I also enjoyed it because there were competitions to enter and free stuff was handed out. Always guaranteed to please me.

As I just previously posted, a free theme was made available to all. It still seems to be available and you should be able to add it to your Xbox’s download queue  from the link below.

Xtival ’09 Premium Dashboard Theme

You can see a preview of the theme here in my previous post.

I also managed to snag a limited edition Xtival T-shirt from a competition that has unfortunately ended. They weren’t that limited as the T&Cs said 7500 male and 7500 female were available! They aren’t amazing either, as you can see below, but at the cost of a text message, I’m happy.

Xtival '09 T-shirt

Xtival '09 T-shirt

If this is your sort of thing, and you missed the competition, you can always check eBay to see if anybody is selling a code. I just had a look and there is one there currently at £0.99.

Also it might be worth checking the #Xtival09 trend on twitter to see if anybody has a spare code.


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