SF4: LA Riots 8-Man Invitational Tournament Saturday December 5th 10:00PM GMT [Arcade]

LA Riots 2009-12-04 Flyer

Gootecks is hosting a Street Fighter IV invitational tournament tonight at 10PM. you can catch it live at TheStream.tv. 8 of the top players in LA (and America in my opinion) duke it out for $500 cash.

The event is over but you can read my summary and the results here.

Who: Me , Coin-Op TV and Evo Energy Drink are super proud to bring you the very first LA Riots Street Fighter 4 tournament, broadcasted live in super high awesomeness by TheStream.tv!

What: This is going to be an 8-man invitational tournament with a $500 cash prize for the winner!  The players were hand selected by myself and seeing how it’s called LA Riots, only LA players were eligible.  Sorry guys, next time :)

When: Saturday December 5th at 2PM broadcasted live on TheStream.tv

Where: TheStream.tv

Why: To showcase only the best,  most exciting players in Los Angeles!  In my opinion, it’s easier for a wider audience to sit down and watch a shorter event (such as an 8man bracket) from start to finish than it is to watch an alllllll day super long stream.  So the idea is that by cutting away all the preliminary rounds, we’re left with only the 8 best players in Los Angles, which is pretty much who would be left anyways if we ran a big tournament and had all these guys show up.

The confirmed players are:

  • Alex Valle (2nd Place NCR, 2nd Place West Coast Warzone, #1 in SoCal)
  • Mike Ross (the People’s Champion :))
  • Combofiend (3rd Place NCR)
  • Kai (the most hated man in SF4 and the man who hates SF4 the most)
  • Ken I (the Legend of the Orange Sweatshirt)
  • Keno (Arcade Infinity Ranking Battle Season 2 Winner)
  • Shiza
  • Combo Jack

– Gootecks

Source: http://gootecks.com/la-riots/la-riots-8-man-invitational-tournament-saturday-december-5th/

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