SF4: LA Riots – Summary and Results

What a great tournament to watch. Not only were the players top-notch but the stream quality was amazing. This is the first time I’ve watched anything through Justin.tv and I was very impressed. There were hardly any streaming errors or pauses and when I lost the signal temporarily it carried on from where it left off, rather than skipping a section and coming back in at the latest frame.

Credit to thestream.tv too. They have a very good broadcast system working there. Compared to EVO 2009 a few months ago this was like watching actual television. You remember that video box that you don’t need an internet connection for. ;)

The live editing was brilliant too – cutting between the commentators (gootecks,  John Rog and occasionally camiwins) and the matches appropriately. The graphics weren’t great :) but they went with the general feel of the show, which was light-hearted and fun. All the players and commentators mostly know each other so there was some good banter – especially to and from Kai! Also the commercials were fine and infrequent and didn’t bother me at all – in fact they gave me a bit of time to get a drink etc.

John and Ryan (gootecks) did very very well with the commentary. They were informative and entertaining and were really in their element.

The tournament lasted from 10PM to 1:30AM GMT and was pretty much the perfect length for a live broadcast fighting game tournament. I barely slept the weekend of EVO so it was good to catch all the action without investing a ridiculous amount of time.

The matches were as follows (sorry I can’t remember the scores):

Winners Bracket:

1st Round:

  • Shizza (Chun Li) vs Keno (Balrog)
  • Combojack (Sagat)  vs Kai (El Fuerte)
  • Ken I (Akuma) vs Combofiend (Abel)
  • gootecks (Balrog) vs Mike Ross (E. Honda then Zangief)

2nd Round:

  • Shizza (Chun Li) vs Kai (El Fuerte)
  • Combofiend (Abel) vs Mike Ross (Zangief)

3rd Round:

  • Combofiend (Abel) vs Kai (El Fuerte)

Losers Bracket:

1st Round:

  • Keno (Balrog) vs Combojack (Sagat)
  • Ken I (Akuma) vs gootecks (Balrog)

2nd Round:

  • Keno (Balrog the Sagat) vs Mike Ross (E. Honda then Zangief)
  • Shizza (Chun Li) vs gootecks (Balrog)

3rd Round:

  • Keno (Balrog) vs Shizza (Chun Li)

4th Round:

  • Keno (Balrog) vs Kai (El Fuerte)

Grand Final

  • Combofiend (Abel) vs Keno (Balrog then Sagat)

So Combofiend took it quite convincingly, Keno probably was the second best on the night and it was a pretty close final. He was awarded $500 cash and a fancy trophy. Both Keno and Kai took away a Madkatz SF4 Tournament Edition Stick. Gootecks stood in for Alex Valle who couldn’t make it in time due to traffic. He did well to commentate and play and was clearly a little frustrated after he lost (especially to Shizza).

Shizza was the highlight for me as he was a player I hadn’t heard of before. He has only recently moved to the professional scene and started on console! He also uses a pad! He represented hope and aspiration for players like me who look up to these pros and kinda wish we had a little bit of that going on. Yes he did make a few mistakes, he was clearly less experience in the professional competitive field – and he did throw out quite a few wake-up ultras that he really shouldn’t have. However he demonstrated great execution and seemed to know Chun Li inside out. He was also able to adapt fairly well and read his opponents. It’s a shame he didn’t win one of the arcade stick on offer :D

A highlights video has been promised, so as soon as that surfaces I’ll post it up. For anybody that missed it I suggest you check it out. For those that did see, it I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Source: http://gootecks.com/la-riots/la-riots-8-man-individual-tournament-live-coverage/

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