Sherlock Holmes X360 Avatar Clothing (US Only)

Sherlock Holmes Avatar OutfitOver Christmas 2009, Best Buy in the USA offered an exclusive Sherlock Holmes Avatar outfit (for male and female avatars) as part of a promotion for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. They were given away free with any Xbox 360 purchase over $20. These were time limited and location  limited (America only) in availability.

You might have some luck seeing if anybody has a free one going spare on your favourite Xbox forum. Or you can check eBay as always, there are quite a few available at the time of writing.

It seems the codes do not work in the UK (either that or the codes can’t be redeemed any more). I bought an item off eBay (~£1.70 for both male and female outfits)  for my girlfriend and Xbox Live wouldn’t let me redeem either outfit. I assume this will be the case for all non-US accounts (I’m not sure on the status of Canada), please leave a message here if you have had experience otherwise. I received an Invalid Code error message when going via the Xbox. When attempted via I recieved the following error message:

There is a problem with the offer associated with this code.

I have contacted Xbox Support to find out the definite reason for the code not working. It seems from my internet searches that there are a lot of reasons for this message to be displayed: expired code, invalid region for code, server outage at Microsoft, code not yet active etc. The fact that it does seem to have happened to people outside of America using US codes for other products, leads me to believe that it is a region issue.


Sherlock Holmes (Limited Edition) Xbox 360 Avatar Outfit

The male Sherlock Holmes Xbox 360 Avatar Outfit (Top, trousers and shoes are included)

Microsoft support confirmed that these codes are invalid in the UK. I assume that this also applies to any country outside the US. The eBay seller I bought the codes from offered a full refund, which has completely unexpected. A genuinely great member of eBay.

The original “Free Movie Pack” offer from Best Buy can be viewed here:

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