Super Street Fighter IV – All 10 new characters revealed (plus details on the best pre-order deals in the UK + bonus SF4-loving rant)

SSF4 European boxartSo all 10 additional characters are final announced. They are all varied and each either bring a twist to an existing character type or bring something completely fresh to the Street Fighter IV series. Read on further down the page to find out what you can expect from this fairly hefty update to SF4, my favourite and most highly-regarded game of 2009.

A brief digression to explain my love of Street Fighter IV… …you are safe to ignore these ramblings and skip straight to the picture for the article proper.

Some people spend a ridiculous amount of time in a virtual battleground in something like Modern Warfare 2. For me, Street Fighting has consumed the vast majority of my game-playing time this last year. I have played probably over 1000 matches online – which is a lot of invested time for 1 game. All of this was done with next-to-no boredom.

You have to put the time in, but if you have that time (and probably some patience too), you will end up with a virtual sport that probably has more depth than you will ever discover – let alone manage to use in an actual battle. If you do tackle everything there is, then you are probably playing professionally or should definitely consider it. Remember, if you aren’t taking it super-seriously and are playing for fun/variety/flashiness then this is the sort of game where you need to expect your online opponent to be playing to win. If somebody keeps throwing fireballs at you, don’t complain too much as they only keep doing it because it keeps working on you. Find out how to counter their fireball spam and show them who’s boss! Or if you’d rather not get too deep then keep to player matches, find someone who you get along with and stay for a few matches. Ranked/Tournament matches are always going to be full with players “out to win” and some of them are mean and/or enamoured by one move or combo. It’s best to played ranked matches only if you too are ready to de everything it takes.

This particular iteration of Street Fighter has been played so extensively by me because of the online versus modes that are relatively bustling with opponents. In the previous games, I could only play with another human if they were in the same room as me. Usually when anyone was around, the last thing they would want to do is play Street Fighter (especially now!). Lastly when I did get a game in, 99% of the time my friends completely button mash so there is little opportunity for a balanced thoughtful game. I had a good period with Marvel vs Capcom 2 with my awesome duderino, Andy. At the end of the day though, with only the 2 of us we didn’t learn that much. Using Xbox Live I can fight 1000’s of other humans and learn more of what actually works, rather than what the computer opponent just eat up for no reason. It’s not perfect, there is general lag to the moves (and some games are almost impossible to pull off more complicated moves and combos in)  but it is passable when you have no other option like me.

If you get hooked, you pretty much stay hooked. If you don’t, it’s just another fighting game which will pass you by – like the rest. Try all the characters, find one you gel with and stick with them until the bitter end. That is the way of the Street Fighter…

ssf4 all 10 new characters

Guy, Juri, Dudley, Cody, Hakan, Makoto, T. Hawk, Dee-Jay, Adon and Ibuki have arrived to show us they are the true World Warrior! (Sorry for the image quality it was capped from a youtube video.)

Here is an overview of the new fighters:

  • T. Hawk and Dee-Jay are in and complete the roster of Super Street Fighter II. Dee-Jay looks to be a fairly average character who might be a good replacement for Guile players who need a bit more oomph. T. Hawk looks to be a strong contender, apparently more brutal than Zangief he is slower as a result. I’m still not convinced by his goofy appearance :) but I’ll certainly be trying him to go along with my gief.
  • Cody, Guy and Adon enter the fray from the Street Fighter Alpha series. As I said previously, I would have liked to have seen Birdie but I will get by. Cody looks to have a whole heap of combo opportunities and can focus cancel almost any of his moves. Guy doesn’t seem to be rated at all at the moment, he is apparently slow. Watch this space for a few more hands to get used to him. Adon, again, seems lowly rated. His special don’t seem to do much damage and combos are unimpressive. Let’s hope some talented Alpha players can adapt their old Adon skills.
  • Street Fighter III is finally represented by three of the more interesting and powerful characters from SF3 – Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley. Alex could have been nice but it makes sense for him to be missing as he is the “main” character of the Street Fighter III storyline and so should debut there. Apparently, the top 3 most requested SF3 characters have all transitioned fantastically into Super Street Fighter IV. Each of their 3 Super Arts have been adapted in to their super and 2 Ultras (if you are unaware in SSF4 you can choose between 2 separate ultras for each character before the match). Dudley in particular is touted to be the new best character in the game – possibly excluding Sagat and Seth.
  • Finally 2 brand new characters are here to show their fighting style is the best. First (revealed last year) is Juri – a Korean Tae-Kwon Do fighter enhanced with a Feung-Shwei Engine. Another character who looks to be very strong, she is fast, has lots of kicks and can charge and hold multiple fireballs at a time. Expect to perform lots of combos as her.

Hakan a Turkish Oil Wrestler is something totally off the wall. Revealed a few weeks ago, his name and fighting style have been long (and correctly) rumoured, however how he looked and played was a mystery. Check the image of all the new fighters above to see how he turned out – he’s the red guy with blue hair. As for how he plays; As a large wrestler he is most easily compared to E. Honda, Zangief and T. Hawk. He is low on combos,but high on damage with lots of throws and slides (he is oily) and has decent range for a close-up character. He can also oil up which last for a different amount of time depending on the button used. When oiled up all of his moves have increased range – he apparently is effective from half a screen away! His ultras are ridiculous and he looks like an exciting character who may very well become a pro-circuit favourite. I was hoping for another grappler and Capcom certainly gave me something new to try and get in to!


Here’s the trailer revealing the Street Fighter 3 characters. The fighters who were already unveiled are also shown again. A hint at Hakan’s (at the time imminent) reveal is right at the end of the video.

Here is the trailer that revealed Hakan: the last of the 10 additional characters for Super Street Fighter IV. It shows off all 35 warriors getting squeezed out of Hakan’s Oil Combination Hold Ultra and sets the scene for Friday, April 30 2010 when it is released. I would say I cannot wait, but seeing as I do have to wait, that fallacy shall be avoided. Instead lets say that I will be a very happy bunny when my copy arrives :p


The existing world warriors remain basically unchanged, apart from the addition of a new ultra each and faster focus attacks (except for Seth). Gen, of course, gets 2 new ultras (1 for each style) and Sakura, out of the blue, has a second Super move (a large fireball) that, as far as I believe, can be chosen mid-game rather than before the match – as it is with the ultras. Chun-Li is supposedly a lot better and her Ultra II is really good. Dan has been improved somewhat too.

You can read a full opinion on the changes of each fighter from MrWizard, who has had some time with the game over here at

SSF4 Shop To pre-order Dhalsim T-shirtIf you are desperate for the game and want to pre-order it here in the UK you want to check out as they have it for a fantastic £21.85. They guarantee it to be at your door on release date or they will credit you £3 to your account for future purchases.

Mini-review: I personally find them to be great, free recorded P&P usually dispatched same working day. My orders have all arrived the next day. [/end review]

Also you get a free Dhalsim T-shirt to show the world what specific type of geek you are. This is apparently while stock lasts. If the t-shirt is your thing it would be better to act sooner rather than later.

Whilst I’m on pre-orders. The following image was announced on one of Capcom’s twitter feeds a month or so ago:

SSF4 European Announced pre-order bonuses

Apparently these will be given away with pre-orders of SSF4 in Europe (hooray for me in the UK). There was no information given about if all pre-orders qualify, or if you have to pre-order from a particular shop. At ShopTo they are offering the Dhalsim T-Shirt which is presumably one of the 4 “Exclusive Limited Edition T-Shirts” above. Will you also get an iPhone cover and the Costume Pack? Or is it one of the three items – depending on the store you go to?

Hopefully we will find out before release date. I probably won’t change my pre-order, but I could be tempted…

Other online sites that have declared their pre-order bonuses in the UK are:

Pre-Order includes free Blanka T-Shirt:

Zavvi: £24.SSF4 pre-order bonus Blanka t-shirt95

TheHut: £24.73

May as well go for TheHut if you want the Blanka T-Shirt as you save a fee pence.

SSF4 Europe Pre-Order Bonus - Ryu t-shirtPre-Order includes free Ryu T-Shirt:

GameGears: £23.95

The only retailer so far with the Ryu T-Shirt.

SSF4 Game UK pre-order bonusPre-Order includes free “Classic Pack” Alternate Costumes T-Shirt:

Game: £24.99

Game state that the 5 alternative costume available as a pre-order bonus are exclusive to them. If this is indeed the case then it’s likely you get only one of 4 iPhone covers, one of 4 real-life T-shirts or the alternative costume pack depending on who your pre-order is with. Do you go for cheapest of do you want particular extras?

I have only listed Xbox 360 prices but PS3 should be the same or a very similar value. You will also get the same pre-order bonus as the Xbox version at each particular shop, so no worries there!

You can keep up-to-date with the available pre-orders and pre-order bonuses for stores all around the world at this post on which is where I found all this information.

I will update the bottom of this post if I discover more pre-order bonus goodies for the UK, so stay tuned. :)

You can read my earlier post on SSF4 which includes details on the new game-play modes and features not discussed here.


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