Add your World Cup 2010 matches to XBMC’s Video Library

XBMC - World Cup 2010

Updated: 2010-06-30 11:14

If, like me, you use XBMC’s excellent Video Library to organise your videos on your PC or media server, then you might have been looking for a way to add your World Cup 2010 match videos to it. I couldn’t find a site that could be used to do this automatically so I created some .nfo files that are read by XBMC to add each football match to the library.

You can use my files by downloading this .zip file: here

This download includes:

  • tvshow.nfo and folder.jpg to create a “World Cup 2010” listing in your TV Shows
  • A 758×140 wide banner for the TV Show
  • individual .nfo files for each match in the group stage, the Last 16 and the Quarter Finals (Episodes 1 – 60)
  • 400×226 .jpg screenshots for all of  the Group Stage and Last 16 matches.
  • An excel spreadsheet that can be used to create the rest of the .nfo files as the winning teams become known
  • A 500×280 ClearArt .png – if you use ClearArt for your TV Shows.
  • Two 720p FanArts and one 1080p FanArt

Just give your video the same file-name as the .nfo file and it will get added to the library. Make sure you set the content of the containing folder to TV Shows.

I’ll try and provide updated .nfo and .jpg files as the matches come – but the spreadsheet and a bit of effort can sort you out for the rest of the .nfo files. VLC and Photoshop should sort you out the .jpg screenshots.

Use this anyway you like. If you do something better with it – please let me know as I would like to use it too. :)

Here’s a ClearArt I cobbled together for the series too:

ClearArt: World Cup 2010 - South Africa

Here are 3 FanArt’s (two 720p and one 1080p) that you might find useful:

World Cup South Africa 2010 - 720p FanArt

720p FanArt 1

World Cup South Africa 2010 - 720p FanArt

720p FanArt 2

World Cup South Africa 2010 - 1080p FanArt

1080p FanArt


2 thoughts on “Add your World Cup 2010 matches to XBMC’s Video Library

  1. Dude, this is awesome. Thanks for the effort, I was dissappointed that the TVDB did not have any of this. I was trying to figure out a way to make this work, and your solution is a easier than what i was planning.

    Thanks again.


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