NGP is COMING!!!!!

It will be awesome! Or will it……..

Whilst the home console is removing buttons and dreaming up remote free gaming, the power house NGP (PSP2) has more control inputs and buttons than the pearly King and Queen. Whilst this may cause many problems, Sony have guaranteed that even an under-developed amoeba should find a comfortable control input to take part in the NGP experience.

Boasting visuals close to that of the PS3, the recently released demo footage also appears to promise more hand crapping fun than a dirty weekend for a forty year old virgin. With 3G, WiFi b,g & n, Bluetooth and USB connectivity you will also struggle to not find an excuse to connect this to your existing Sony gaming devices, or friends for some multiplayer action.

A new converged gaming management console was also demoed during the presentation, replacing the already ageing XMB interface, so watch this space for an updated PS3 dashboard in the coming months.

Although no one can dispute the initial tech specs look fantastic, the jury is still out until the battery life can be confirmed, something that looks guaranteed to plague the first release of the new Nintendo 3DS, with only 3 hours of available gaming time!

Sony appear to be gearing up to reclaim the crown of the defacto go to gaming platform, something which Microsoft and Apple have successfully questioned over recent years, and with no new console in development for at least a further 5 Sony will be keen to promote quality, converged gaming, rather than hardware refresh.

More to follow…

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