Posted in March 2011

Battlefield 3: Final Teaser Trailer

Battlefield 3: Final Teaser Trailer

The final trailer from the Battlefield 3 teaser trilogy is here. Moving away from the sniper orientated focus of the last two, this time we pick up quick time events and mowing down the bad guys using an LMG with infinite ammo. This still appears to be running on a PC built by Ninja’s, but … Continue reading

Minecraft: Useful Mods and getting them to work

Due to the huge popularity of Minecraft, many budding developers have created mods for it that add a wide variety of features. These include new texture packs (which are now supported officially by the game), new monsters, new crafting recipes and items as well as various “cheat” tools. I am personally very fond of the … Continue reading

Street Fighter 4: 3DS Review

Here Comes a New Challenger!! Quite possibly the best game available in the UK on launch day, Super Street Fighter IV manages to capture all the excitement and freshness of SFIV’s original release back in July 2009 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo 3DS: First Thoughts: Review

WOW!!!!! After waiting for what felt like an eternity, the 3DS finally has arrived. Having decided not to jump into the 3D space until this point, I have been somewhat sceptical of the potential that 3D could bring video games, and entertainment in general. Having sat through Avatar, UP and several other 3D films at … Continue reading

[Xbox 360 Avatar Awards] Comic Jumper

Comic Jumper is the follow-up to ‘Splosion Man from Twisted Pixel games. Whilst it is also a 2d side scrolling platform game it has much more in common with Contra and Shadow Complex than it does it’s predecessor. Also like it’s predecessor it is packed to the seams with extras. Among which are 3 Avatar … Continue reading

[Xbox 360 Avatar Awards] Risk: Factions

Risk: Factions is a thoroughly entertaining port of Risk to Xbox Live Arcade. Featuring 5 different factions with unique forces and a series of obtainable power-ups; this changes the status quo enough to keeps things fresh and add enough video to the already great board-game. Upon completion of the campaign you are awarded the following: … Continue reading

[Xbox 360 Avatar Awards] Limbo

Limbo is a fantastic 2d side-scrolling platformer. Beautifully designed; it creates a macabre black and white world built seemingly to kill a young boy who is just trying to find his sister. 2 avatar awards are also included: > A Black T-Shirt with the LIMBO logo – which is awarded for earning any of the … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS: A Nintendo hand-held road map

Nintendo’s latest hand-held video game console – The 3DS – Is about to hit the UK’s shores. So how did we get here? The most important part of the 3DS’ history is Gunpei Yokoi the legendary Nintendo hardware developer who created all of Nintendo’s hand-held up until the ill-conceived Virtual Boy. It is his ethos … Continue reading

Halo Reach: Defiant Map Pack Review

Yes, that’s right, this is the first map pack that has been released since Bungie gave Microsoft the big heave-ho, but fear not, it’s still Halo! After the dissappointment of the Noble DLC, its time for the new kids on the block to pick up where Bungie left off, and instill confidence that there is Life After Bungie (LAB).