Nintendo replaces 3D glasses for…… glasses + £’s

Case in point, this "booth goof" already appears to be feeling the effects.....

The Nintendo 3DS was unveiled to the world yesterday, to great fanfare and expectation, in the land of the rising sun. As with many of Nintendo’s key releases, it was expected to take better than a dose of crabs on a teen holiday in Ibiza, and it didn’t disappoint. Selling out in a matter of hours, European Nintendo based fans must be worried that there will not be enough units to make the Global release later this month, whilst parents may wish to inspect the instruction manuals more closely than their dependents.

Resembling the size of a pocket Yellow Pages guide, there are concerns to prolonged, overexposure to the Nintendo 3DS, and without beginning to sound too much like my mum, playing games may indeed be bad for you. The system itself allows the user to view in 3D without the need for glasses (as i am clearly only viewing the world in 2D at the moment!?), and by making you ever so slightly squint, similar to the famed 90’s magic eye pictures, you will be able to see a 3D moving image. And here in lies the problem… Children supposedly not having fully developed ocular muscles may be subjected to elevated chances of deformed growth, and therefore potentially visual impairment. It all sounds very dramatic, but without consideration we all know what will be in the papers in the coming months…. not to mention the cost of buying glasses to correct the ailment.

Let your eyes drift and admire the sharky goodness!

Rest assured Nintendo have promised a little over 400,000 units for the European launch, so only slightly more devices than LG will have taken from Sony following their continued legal dispute regarding BluRay technology and players.

3DS is due out on March 27th, and if it can emulate half the success of its predecessors, we will be stroking virtual cats and dogs for many months to come.

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