Wii Component Video Issue (Green and Purple only)

Wii 3rd-Party Component CableJust a quick one to cover a problem I had today setting my Wii up for component 480p video.

The image was fine via RGB Scart but the component cable (in either 480p or 576i/480i) was only giving me a green and purple mix of colours. After fiddling around and with a bit of testing I eliminated my TV as the cause. Removing each of the component connections (and double checking I hadn’t got the red video [pR] and red audio cable [Right Audio] the wrong way) confirmed that they were all sending something.

Either the cable was faulty or somehow my Wii was not sending the right signals. I identified that the blue cable (pB) was at fault. Only green and red signals were transmitting so I only saw green and purple colours – maybe I needed a replacement cable?

Well it turns out I just needed to wiggle the cable near the connection to the Wii! Well I suppose that’s what you get for buying a HK cable from eBay – although if the only downside to a £3 cable is a single installation wiggle then I can live with it.

Hopefully if you have had similar issues with your Wii’s component video this might help.

Other things to check are:

  • Swap the Red Video and red audio cables (idiot check!)
  • Does it work on a different TV? (maybe an issue with your TV)
  • Does RGB Scart give full colour? (this tests the pins on the Wii)
  • Do other component sources work? (if not it’s your telly)
  • Does a different component video cable work? (the cable is faulty) *only worth it if you have a spare or can borrow another
  • If you are using a switch box or similar; does connecting directly to the TV help? (maybe your switch is bust)

I have also read that some cables have a SD/HD switch on them so if you are getting no colour don’t forget to check for that.


9 thoughts on “Wii Component Video Issue (Green and Purple only)

  1. I have the exact same cheap ebay cables & the same color problems, & upon following your instructions to wiggle where it connects into the Wii everything was fine! Thanks for the tip

  2. my whole family are laughing because we had the exact same problem and solved it in the exact same way! Thanks so much! Have a great day :-)

  3. Thank you so much for this info!!! We thought there was something wrong with our device before reading this. Also you made my 8 year old son very happy since we could fix our problem. Thanks Again!

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