Xbox: BT Home Hub Strict NAT Policy

The following guide will hopefully help others who are plagued by the annoying strict NAT syndrome that used to be standard on all BT Home Hubs. The good news is with a little tinkering this is easily resolved, but still just as frustrating.

Software version 8.1.A.E (Type A) 8.1.H.G (Type A)

Following this latest firmware update, there should be relatively little configuration required on this device. However this is a guide to help those that may still be finding things difficult.


In the devices section (Settings> Advanced> Home Network> Devices) you say Yes to the “Always use this ip address” option, as the Xbox does not clear down its ports when using UPnP meaning over time your NAT status could change if allocated a different IP address. This will prevent this from happening.

If you have not installed the BT Home Hub management software (I found it to be useless) then simply input the following address into your web browser Please note that I had multiple issues in the past whilst using Safari and the hub manager. It all worked fine until you tried to connect through to the “advanced config” which it simply refused to do, so it may be worth using IE or Firefox for this.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced – You will be prompted for the username and password which as standard is “Admin” and “admin” (Do change this!)
  • Then proceed to Application Sharing > Configuration
  • Under the “Game or application” heading, select Xbox Live the drop down list.
  • Within the “Device” list you need to select the device you want the application to connect to, your Xbox. If you have not changed this, it will appear as the device Mac address (e.g. “Unknown-01-1a-2b-3c-4d”), which can be found in the Network Settings area on the Xbox 360 system. You may wish to rename this to something more friendly from the Home Hub’s Settings > Advanced > Home Network menu
  • Once you’ve selected both the Xbox Live application and the device, press ‘Add’, then Apply.
  • A Hub reboot typically needs to be completed after you have altered the configs in order to establish themselves, else it tends to get into a bit of a funk down the line.

Most issues can be overcome by setting the xbox and the router to use static rather than DNS based IP’s. This in itself lead to most of my issues, and will enable many weeks of trouble free gaming until the little bastard decides to play unfairly once more!


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