RETROspective REviews: Resistance 2

Having joined the Playstation revolution late in the day, picking up a copy of Resistance1 several months after release, and still not having put the disc in the tray by the time Resistance 2 hit the stores, it would be fair to say the Resistance franchise doesn’t excite me as much as the next FPS release from Bungie or Dice. However as with all franchises there are some nice elements and touches that Resistance has over the competition.

Resistance provides a completely different experience. Whilst the control mechanic is very tight and weapons feel like they handle the way you would expect, the campaign drags as much as the first. I went through phases of being impressed by the immersion and content available as documents and radio transmissions scattered about the levels, with the scale of fighting an alien invasion thoroughly hitting home, many of the later levels feel like unnecessary interlude, simply delaying the inevitable end, much like Seasons 2 through 5 of LOST.

Unlike the swath of annual releases from the COD franchise, with millions waiting to gobble up the latest 6 hour affair with Madame Campaign, before losing several days being knifed, noob-tubed or spammed with random grenades in the twitch happy multiplayer, Insomniac Games should be applauded for generating a franchise that actually delivers a compelling, but somewhat exhausted story.

The classic weapons are back with some neat tweaks and upgrades, with the Bullseye now ghosting tagged enemies so you can see them behind cover, and the air fuel grenades are as sweet as ever.

The graphics, enemies, and scale have all been ramped up, with some encounters looking truly stunning. Gloomy Manchester and their lifeless streets have

been replaced with a flooding Chicago, swarming with Chimera that swim, fly and chase you across the rooftops, before finally being crushed by a 200ft beast hell bent on trying to eat you. Sounds awesome, but the graphical polish on some of the Chicago levels leaves much to be desired, and the prescribed interactivity with the beast removes you from the scenario, leaving you desperate to just run to the end of the level to end the ongoing pain of having to play yet another chase scene.

The online component of Resistance is very solid, and as with Battlefield Bad Company, you and your friends will be rewarded for working as a team, leveraging the various weapon attributes to take out the opposition. One man armies need not apply! The maps aren’t much to shout about, but provide you with a good mix for ranged and close quarters combat. Although this game is well over 2 years old there are still plenty of people populating the online servers, enabling you time to still sample what this game has to offer.

Overall this is a solid, and fun alternative for new comers to the Playstation. If you haven’t played Resistance 1 you will still be able to follow the plot and enjoy the game, but be ready to invest a lot of time in trying to complete this tricky little gem.

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