Top Games of 2011: Lets Start At Number 1!!!

Amidst the release of the 3DS, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Ghost Recon 3D, Shift 2, Crysis 2, and Home Front you would have thought that there was nothing more that would challenge for our time. You’d be wrong.

Looking for that next killer AAA to pre-order I inadvertently stumbled across quite possibly 2011’s sleeping giant, it’s a COD killer, probably the most amazing game you never played, and it’s on the Wii!!

Without further ado, I give you……

Unbelievably this game released without our knowledge, but Ed is working on giving you a full video review ASAP ;)

If you haven’t yet managed to find that special gift this Mother’s Day, I think you may wish to say a thank-you to HAS Gaming in the comments below.

Buy Now

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