Connecting you Xbox Live Vision camera to your PC for Skype

Xbox 360 Live Vision cameraIf, like me, you don’t have a webcam but you do have an Xbox Live Vision Camera from You’re in the Movies on the Xbox 360, you can plug it into your Windows PC and use it like any other camera for applications like Skype.

I’ve finally set up Skype on my Windows XP computer but due to the fact that I build my PCs I don’t have a bundled camera or mic.  I bought a £2 microphone headset off eBay a few months ago for some testing with my gaming headset. This seems to work a treat, thanks in no small part to the fantastic audio quality of Skype. I’m used to Xbox Live where audio quality is extremely poor.

I wanted to be able to use  video calling too, so I wondered if I could use the mostly redundant Xbox Live Vision camera that Carla and I have for YitM. A quick google search confirmed that, yes, you could.

With Windows XP all you need to do is plug it in.

Found new hardware wizard

The Found New Hardware wizard should start. If it doesn’t you can start it from the Add Hardware option in the Control Panel. You will want to let it connect to Windows Update to download the driver.

  1. Select “Yes, this time only”
  2. Click Next
  3. Click Next
  4. Once it has installed, click Finish

When you go back into Skype you will find that you now have video!

Skype Video Options

Windows Vista and 7 may experience difficulty. Try the links below to see if they can help. Especially the fourth link. You need to have at least SP2 for Windows XP – update it if you are still on SP1.




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