Capcom: Big Release Line Up For 2011/12

Who said new IP was dead….?

Following another successful showing, Captivate, did just that this year for the masses of Miami. All the stars from Capcom’s backroom staff and developers were present to show off their latest brain farts that we are undoubtedly going to wait with anticipation for over the coming months. The key titles discussed included: Asura’s Wrath, Dead Rising 2 (Episode), Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DOperation Racoon City, Dragons DogmaStreet Fighter x Tekken and Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

Asura’s Wrath

Described as a fusion of Asian Mythology and science fiction, little was known about this game prior to its follow-up trailer this week, and still much remains unclear. The trailers look typically amazing, and what little gameplay footage has been shown is nowhere near enough to draw conclusions at this point. The simplest way to describe Asura’s Wrath would be Kratos, on holiday, in Japan. Having gotten himself a funky new anime outfit and a culture injection he is ready to do battle once more with yet another set of God’s and their side kicks, no news on the daughter though.

Dead Rising 2: Where’s Frank West

Possibly the title with the least anticipation, Capcom apparently have been questioned so often about Frank West’s absence from Dead Rising 2 they thought they would release his own game. Having played through the first and second games, I have to admit that there is only so far hack slash zombies can go, and I think I’m at the final stop. Whilst the previous 2 games are brilliant in their own right, and if you haven’t played either, go straight to number 2, I just can’t see how I will want to pick up a third copy of the same game.

Out later this year, this will run parallel to the forgettable story of the 2nd installment, with West having matured somewhat and developed a hankering for doughnuts, our plump hero will once again do battle with the undead horde, always ready to take a picture to snag a few extra dollars.

Dragons Dogma

I want this game! Out of nowhere Capcom have brought a fantasy RPG that conjures up all the excitement and magic of day dreaming children and thrown it into a video game. From what little we’ve seen this game looks to be what Eragon the movie should have been. Dragons, magic, six headed serpents, hack and slash action and magic.  Hideaki Itsuno of Devil May Cry fame is directing which we hope will at least guarantee some level of quality into the fantasy hack and slash genre.

To date the stand out title in this genre for me has been The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, (Seriously worth a go!), so hopefully this can at least better a movie tie in……….

Resident Evil

Full video displays of the two 3DS ports were shown and made available, which we have uploaded to our YouTube site. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is collaboration between Capcom and Vancouver based studio Slant 6 Games and is scheduled for release this Winter. Since the launch of the first title 15 years ago the Resident Evil® series has enjoyed phenomenal success, selling over 45 million units worldwide to date. This latest offering will take the series in a completely new direction and offer a style of gameplay yet to be seen from the franchise. Creating a true third person, team based shooter experience set within the dark and sinister Resident Evil universe and a reinterpretation of the events depicted in Resident Evil® 2 and Resident Evil® 3. The setting of the Resident Evil universe not only provides a rich backdrop to the action but delivers a unique and thrilling triple threat battle. Zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W’s) add to the mix as players not only compete against an opposing squad but also tackle this third unpredictable element, creating a brand new style of gameplay and breaking the conventions of traditional team based shooters.

In addition, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will deliver a number of competitive online multiplayer modes. Each one of these will provide a unique gaming experience thanks to the three-way combat between the Umbrella Security Service, US Special Ops and threat of zombies and B.O.W’s that could only exist in the deadly and twisted Resident Evil Universe.

Purchasers of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, scheduled for release in the coming months, will get an extra taste of horror thanks to the addition of a playable demo of Resident Evil Revelations. Set on board an ocean liner, the demo lets players take control of one of the full game’s characters, Jill Valentine, as she explores the ship’s dark interior, killing any mysterious creatures that emerge from the shadows. A brand new title built from the ground up for the Nintendo 3DS, further details on Resident Evil Revelations will be revealed later at this year’s E3.

Street Fighter x Tekken

As well as yet another edition of SSFIV, this time arcade, Capcom have released a video and shots of the hotly anticipated slugfest that will be Ryu vs King! Ed has pulled together an overview and thoughts on the Arcade Edition and Tekken mash-up, so check those articles out for more info.

Read the SSFIV:AE article here and the Street Fighter x Tekken article here

– – –

All in all, Capcom are going out of their way to stamp their authority on the new IP platform, with some interesting and fresh new ideas delivered to both old and new gameplay. One thing is for certain, E3 is shaping up to be a great occasion.


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