Super Monkey Ball: Hits Windows Phone 7

Sega announced this week that the brand new reworked, original, exactly as it was port of Super Monkey Ball is now available to download on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace for £3.99. Having only been out for a matter of days there are already some pretty unkind reviews for this iteration. It is a carbon copy of the iPhone game released way back in 2008, so this will look and feel slightly dated. For those of you that have been living under rocks for the past 11 years, here’s a quick run down straight from the horses mouth;

“Featuring a gang of monkeys enclosed inside transparent balls, Super Monkey Ball tasks players with rolling their simian friends past a wide range of obstacles that include gaps, slopes, narrow ledges and moving platforms. Choose from four monkey characters and three gameplay modes. Play through the colourful and animated world at the touch of the screen.”

As mobile games go, this is a must. With tight controls that really suit the tilt functionality built into the device, relatively small levels, but punishingly difficult later episodes, Monkey Ball will keep you happy whilst waiting for the bus, train or the second coming. If you can look past the slightly dated graphics and lack of ingenuity in the port, you won’t go far wrong.

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