Xbox Live Reward Scheme: Free Microsoft Points

Xbox Live Rewards
Microsoft have started up a reward scheme that allows you to earn Microsoft Points from buying products and completing questionnaires. As you can see I have recently signed up, completed April’s questionnaire and earned myself 20MSP. Not a lot, but better than nothing.

It’ll take a day or two for your account to be activated and you will also have to wait a few days for your points to be assigned.

Once you have reached at least 100MSP, the points will be added to your Xbox Live account. This will happen every month.

The current deals are:

  • Stay Gold through April and earn 5% back on all your Marketplace purchases!
  • Fill out April’s questionnaire for 20MSP (Presumably there will be a new one every month).
  • Earn 100 points for:
    • your first Marketplace purchase
    • your first Netflix use
    • your first purchase or renewal of Xbox Live Gold Membership
  • Renew your Xbox Live Gold Membership and receive:
    • 10 points for a 1-Month Subscription
    • 30 points for a 3-Month Subscription
    • 200 points for a 12-Month Subscription
    • 400 points for a 12-Month Family Pack Subscription

There is also a Gamer IQ test where you can enter for a chance to win up to 1000MSP every day. Check out this blog for the daily answers if you want to cheat.

You can check out the Xbox Live Rewards Site here.

8 thoughts on “Xbox Live Reward Scheme: Free Microsoft Points

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  2. This happened to me in December, but I managed to get the 20 points in January.
    Maybe they only give a certain number of points a month? I did it early in January and late in December.
    I also filled out the December questionnaire at least twice again (once by accident and then again because the points still hadn’t come through).

    Either way I have managed to build up 100 points now – I think I have to wait until February the 15th before they are credited. I will update once I have received them.

    • Got 40 points for Feb’s questionnaire (double points) and my 100 points was credited to my account yesterday.
      Free points! (Note you may have to spend a certain amount of faffing to get these points)

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