Guinness World Record Xbox 360 Avatar T-Shirt

Guinness World Record Xbox 360 Avatar T-shirt

As part of the “Xbox Nations” Free Xbox Live Weekend this coming Easter, Rare are attempting to set the world record for the most people running a virtual 100m dash at one time on Saturday 23rd April 2011.

If you participate you will be awarded the T-shirt above. Nice!

The free weekend will be from 21-25 April. To take part in the record attempt you will need to download the Xbox Nations gamerpic from the Dashboard (I’ll try and post a direct link once one is available – Updated: here). This counts as your entry ticket, downloading it will automatically enter you as a participant in the record attempt.

Now all you need to do is play Kinect Sports and complete a sprint mini-game whilst connected to Xbox Live at the correct time. As it is a free Gold weekend you do not need a paid account.

Please note: “You must choose sprint from the mini-game menu – not the entire track and field event for your race to count.”

The Guinness World Record attempt will take place at:

  • 6pm UK Saturday 23/04
  • 7pm CET Saturday 23/04
  • 10am PDT Saturday 23/04
  • 1pm EDT Saturday 23/04

[Ed’s eyes start to glow green with envy] “Rich, have you got Kinect Sports?”



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