The Music of Minecraft

Minecraft features a dynamic soundtrack that is seemingly cued by new discoveries in your game world.
Most of your time spent adventuring around your World of Minecraft is not scored. The air is full of the sounds of chopping wood, moos and ssssssssss’s that help to cement you within your environment. When you discover a new cave system or make you way through a new biome, it is made all the more dramatic and relevant by the synthesised melodies of a perfectly realised score. 

Occasional and most often poignant, these wonderful songs are the creation of one man: C418.

Credited as the music producer of Minecraft, he is responsible for the aforementioned music, the ambient tracks used underground, the music included on the collectable in-game music discs as well as all of the sound effects.

C418 has released a complete soundtrack including 15 minutes of exclusive music not (yet?) featured in the game as well as “Cats” in stereo. You can purchase the original OST for $3.99 through bandcamp here

If you would rather use a big-name brand, you can also get the album via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. However, it’s more expensive to buy via these services. You can now sign up for an “open” account at Spotify here in the UK and you can listen to the album for free! The audio is streamed in Ogg Vorbis at ~160 kbps, although you do get visual and audio adverts. Not too shabby :)


C418’s homepage

Buy the Album from bandcamp

Minecraft Wiki – Lists the game’s file names along with their official track name


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