Most Wanted: Will inFamous 2 spark the next evolution in gaming?

Lighting-up audiences on 7th June

That got your attention didn’t it? Perhaps “next generation” is a bit of an exaggeration, but the information that is emerging from Sucker Punch Productions has definitely put inFamous 2 on our radar of games to watch out for in 2011.

inFamous stormed onto the PS3 in 2009, boosting the appeal of Sony’s struggling hardware with another electrifying exclusive title that shocked audiences into submission with it’s beautiful and intriguing approach to sandbox gaming.inFamous 2 is, surprise surprise, promising to offer an improved but familiar experience to the first one. A lot of what’s been said is fairly standard stuff: improve graphics, motion capture, more interactive, less linear, utilising more of the Cell’s capabilities… and so on. But there was one thing that caused us to stop and say “Hang on just a minute! What was that again?”

Use new and existing powers to pummel enemies

User created missions. That’s right, inFamous 2 will apparently allow players to create their own missions for anyone else to have a stab at. Sounds pretty good, but that’s not exactly new. Where inFamous 2 differs is that these missions will be automatically integrated into a normal solo game. As long as players are online, they will have the option of beginning these side quests as they would any standard side mission, and have the ability to rate them for future users.

Demon Souls was not just a great game in it’s own right, but the way it blurred the line between solo and multiplayer gaming opened many people’s eyes to energising new possibilities. Seems obvious in hindsight, with the explosion of broadband, MMORPGs, and co-op modes of play flooding the market out there. But the thought of leaving clues behind or even invading someone else’s game seemed revolutionary just a few months ago. Little Big Planet and it’s beloved sequel have proved that sharing user-generated content can elevate a good title to legendary status. Time for other developers to start taking notice and unlock the potential within their titles.

Good or evil? Your actions have much greater consequences this time around

So is InFamous 2’s dynamic new game mode going to rouse audiences and magnetise an entire genre? Only time will tell. It could just end up being another passing gimmick. Whatever happens, it seems some developers are really starting to think outside the sandbox and let not just their creative juices really flow, but ours too.


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