Updated: PSN: Still down due to Anonymous Maintenance?

Since the early hours of Thursday morning the Playstation Network and related sites have been down due to unforseen circumstances, routine maintenance, supposed hacks performed by Anonymous, and at this rate the Easter Bunny is in for a good shout as being prime suspect.

Leaving millions of gamers frustrated following the release of SOCOM, Portal 2, and Mortal Kombat 9 this week, Sony are no doubt working round the clock to try and remedy this as soon as possible, but have so far come up short. With only speculation as to the reasons behind this global outage, Sony have been quick to suggest that this is due to external parties working against them, but have now removed this comment from the public domain.

Whatever the reason for the downtime, we are as keen as any to get back up and running. In the meantime, any suggestions for what your favourite single player games to get through this difficult period would be appreciated, leave your titles in the comments below.

UPDATED 23/04/11, 14:00 GMT

As of midday today Sony released a statement, clearly stating that they have taken the PSN/Qriocity Service offline following a breach of their network security. The outage has taken polace to ensure the safe guarding of both its users and content.  The service will resume, presumably when Sony are comfortable that the people responsible are longer able to exploit the loophole used to gain access the first time.

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