Love retro JRPGs? Chrono Trigger and FFVI headed to PSN soon

Might not look like much to the PS3/Xbox 360 generation, but these games defined a genre

If you grew up with a SNES and loved JRPGs then you’re in luck: the ESRB, who assign games their age and content ratings in North America, have assigned ratings for Playstation Network ports of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI (FFIII on American SNES consoles) for download onto both PS3 and PSP.

Although no official release dates are available yet for Europe or North America, the release of the Super Nintendo’s most beloved JRPGs on the PSN is fantastic news for retro gaming fans who have anxiously been awaiting further releases that their Japanese brethren have often had access to months in advance.

And whilst it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, it is almost certain that both version of the game will actually be the Playstation re-releases that included anime cut-scenes.

Keep an eye out, we will be posting any official release dates as they become available, so you’ll know exactly when to clear out your calender.

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