Wii 2 to have a considerable lead on PS4/Xbox 720

New Xbox and Playstation made-for-fun concepts

Kotaku reported yesterday that Microsoft and Sony will not unveil their next-gen products until 2014. Hardly unexpected as both have been very clear that they really have no desire to move on. Game production costs have already scaled beyond most financiers nightmares, so another order of magnitude is hardly what they are looking for.

This is hardly confirmed, but Kotaku have their sources, although the fact that this is still years away is hardly a surprise. Many game developers (like DICE with their breathtaking Battlefield 3) are already crying out for updated hardware. Will the hardened coding gurus be able to get anything more from the current gen? Certainly the PS3 must have more to offer with all that tech beneath its lid, but the Xbox’s fate lies with its ability to top Crysis 2. Lazy API driven games need not apply.

I am personally happy with the graphical fidelity of the current generation, and there is no way I could afford an upgrade anyway. However, I also accepted the Sega Saturn’s 3D graphics for much of the late 90s – so what do I know!


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