Wii’s successor to be unveiled at E3 2011

Apparently a Wii Fit marketing scheme

So the rumours were true. Nintendo will be announcing their next entry in the home console market at E3 2011. Thank God I bought Wii Motion Plus!

As Simon has already described, this new bit of kit should at least surpass PS3 and Xbox 360. Hopefully, Nintendo can wow us all with something truly forward thinking. Apparently, gimmicky didn’t work twice in a row in the portable market, so are they going to put all their eggs in one home console basket too?

There is absolutely no reason for the installed base of Wii users to upgrade. Nintendo told them that when they sold us all on their interaction over presentation spiel. Can we expect sales akin to the Gamecube again or will a slew of true Nintendo fan-boys flock to this like the starving and neglected crackwhores that they are? Maybe non-gamers can be convinced to trade in their fit-for-purpose devices for another more expensive one. The  “HD”TV campaign certainly worked and Apple are still in business, so the future looks bright.

All I really want is a controller that works.



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