Fallout: New Vegas – Welcome to patch hell

New Vegas: A broken world. Literally?

Fallout: New Vegas publisher Bethesda is promising gamers on their official forums that they are working hard to address the range of crippling bugs and issues reported, and especially their 1.3 patch that rendered Xbox 360 copies of the game almost unplayable.

The flawed patch in question caused severe problems with loading existing save games, something that quite obviously caused tremendous problems for fans of the sequel to the multiple Game of the Year award-winning Fallout 3. 

Bethesda originally announced that a patch to fix the patch would be downloaded automatically when loading up the game and connected to the internet, and that this would resolve the save game issues. Although that appears to be resolved, the forums are aflame with gamers who are beyond frustrated with a grocery list of serious glitches and what essentially boils down to an unfinished product.

These issues have yet to be seriously addressed, and considering that the focus of the crippling patch itself was to fix “balance issues” with existing weapons, many gamers are asking where the logic is in adjusting the rate of fire for a gun that barely works in the first place?

Both Fallout games are less than technically perfect, but we expect and forgive a few minor glitches in games these days. The more technical things become, the more minor things that can and will go wrong too. Developers are under serious pressure to meet deadlines. We get it. However, when a game requires numerous hard resets of your console and several key elements in the game, such as powerful weapons, become unusable due to bugs then that game most definitely deserves the title of ‘unfinished’.

Fallout: New Vegas hit its October release dates, and guaranteed a spot on many gamers winter or Xmas shopping lists. But at what price? FEAR 3 has been delayed several times now, but the constant dialogue that Day 1 Studios have had with the press during this time has at least left us feeling reassured that they are addressing criticisms of the previous titles and the game’s place within the FPS market very seriously and have no intention of releasing a half-baked product on the masses. Only time will tell. But here’s hoping that the hype around Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim doesn’t mean that it is rushed out in a similar manner to satisfy the Christmas rush.

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