Buy Nintendo’s Wii for less

Nintendo have today announced that they will be looking to reduce the price of the Wii in time for their unveiling of the Wii’s successor at E3. Having already brought the price down for our US cousins, as from May 20th you will be able to pick up the White & Black Mario Kart bundles for as little as £129.00, with an additional range of budget titles being released too. No doubt this will not include any Mario, Metroid or Zelda titles, but indications are that Animal Crossing and Wario aren’t invincible to a price cut here or there.

For those of you that haven’t bought a Wii yet, where the hell have you been living for the past 4 years? Whilst not graphically superior, and to be honest I felt the Wii remote did more damage than good, there are still some classics to be had on this system with New Mario Bros, Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Dead Space, World of Goo and Sin and Punishment, not to mention the Wii is a great way to keep your Gamecube games alive for a few more years with complete backwards compatibility. Although we all know this is the last leg for the Wii, don’t miss an opportunity to buy your second Wii of this generation, but this time in black!

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