Mass Effect 3 – Delayed

Following the release of EA’s annual fiscal report, share holders may have been rejoicing, but some of the gaming community is in mourning.

Whilst EA has seen huge growth of over 40%, with operating income of well in excess of $800 million, it has been confirmed that the much anticipated Mass Effect 3 has been delayed until Q1 2012.It is thought this is a move to allow the developer to further enhance and hone the action elements of the game, something which Mass Effect 2 certainly did over its predecessor. But in line with almost all IP at EA at present, they are looking once again to ensure that Mass Effect 3 is turned into a genre defining title. Don’t get me wrong, this is great news, and something which I welcome with open arms, as the first two games were outstanding, but I don’t want to wait till next year, I want it now goddamnit.

Hopefully the news and press releases at E3 will go some way to satisfying my desire for more information on exactly how the story will unfold in what is supposed to be the final chapter. But something tells me that EA may be looking to make more than $1bn in the not too distant future, which to put into perspective would be 27% of the UK’s total spend on video games across all platforms!!!

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