Guardian Heroes HD heading for XBLA

Guardian Heroes - Sega Saturn (Japanese)Oh Treasure I love you.

Guardian Heroes – the reason I fell in love with my Saturn – is soon headed to the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace under the guiding hands of Sega and Treasure. One of the most requested games to receive either a HD re-release or sequel this will surely strike a chord with the Sega Saturn hardcore.

However, maybe you haven’t heard of it – so let’s have a paragraph explaining it.

A side-scrolling RPG beat ’em up most similar to the Dungeons and Dragons games released by Capcom in the 90s and more recently Castle Crashers for Xbox 360 and PS3. It features a branching storyline with 35 or so stages and 6 different endings, along with 5 different characters to play through it with. You can play with 2 players and it is insanely fun.

The original also featured a Tournament mode for up to 6 players where you could choose from any of the 40-odd characters featured in the story – including a dragon, an angel and an old woman with no moves whatsoever – and duke it out in a free-for-all brawl. The remake is set to boost this up to 12 players and also includes a Time Attack and an Arranged Mode.

As the title indicates this will also feature an HD lick of paint.

Guardian Heroes HD

HD remake = filters aplenty

However, if you are like me, you will also rejoice at the fact you can play it with the original sprites in widescreen.

This will probably retail for 1200MSP but you never know. Having just got myself a 6-player adapter for the Saturn, that I haven’t even used yet, I’m a little reluctant to purchase – but the promise of new modes and not having to rely on my Saturn’s CD Drive could tempt me otherwise.

Screenshot from Gamersyde:


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