More D in your 3DS?

It looks like those crazy cats at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT, you may have heard of it…..) are working on a new method of creating that glasses-free 3D goodness we all know and love.

The word on the internet street is that it’s called HR3d (High Rank 3D) and allows a clearer, brighter and more defined 3D projected image whilst using a fraction of the battery power. Anyone can see that this has huge implications for its adoption onto mobile devices in the future.

This quote from Boffin HQ explains how it works:

Unlike the console, the top screen creates a custom image based on the bottom projection instead of processing it in large chunks. Basically, instead of only letting the bottom screen show through in a few vertical lines, this lets the bottom screen show through in thousands of places positioned around what’s being shown on the bottom screen. Because of this, the HR3D screen lets a larger amount of light pass through, making it lighter, and uses less battery power while doing so.

Who’d have thought.

Combine this with the recent rumours of iPad 3 having a 3D display and it looks like the bandwagon is getting pretty full up.

This also ties in nicely, perhaps, with the advent of Intel’s Finfet (Fin field effect transistor) technology allowing a 3D conductive area processing surface. That’s right, 3D processing power. Another milestone in the ongoing digital quest epic known as ‘More power, Less Space = good’.

Pack all this good stuff into the mobile gaming devices of the future and things could get a lot more dangerous to use whilst on the bus….


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