Capcom – PSN Outage has cost us Millions

Whilst for many the outage of the PSN has meant our copies of Portal 2 have yet to experience co-op with our PC chums, or our road to Prestige in CoD has been halted for the past two weeks, many businesses and users have come to rely on the availability of the PSN for their livelihoods.

There are a few people who may instantly spring to mind in the aftermath of what is turning out to be the largest attack on a games company since E.T went to town on the Atari 2600. PSN users who’s details have been publicly hung out to dry, YouTube commentators, games reviewers, research associations and also the games developers and publishers around the world who have supported the platform for the last few years. How to put a value to the amount lost by the many from the actions of the few is proving harder to guess.

Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson has given us a little insight on the community forums over at Capcom as to what he feels may be their exposure. 

Now imagine if you’re an independent developer who made a decision to plump for the PSN over Xbox Live, or the App Store….


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