Modern War£are 3 – Premium Content Promi$ed

Call of Duty bean counter Bobby Kotich has promised to bleed you dry and leave you hanging offer their audience more of what they want, and whole lot more with the latest iteration of Call of Duty. Following the confirmation of the announcement of the latest installment in the massively successful series in the coming weeks, dedicated developer Beachhead have been hard at work finding ways to help you spend more money enjoy the game more so than ever before.

All cynicism aside, they are looking to interweave your activities within the game, across social networks and beyond. With a global audience clocking up over 1 billion hours of online play in Black Ops alone, we are very interested to see how Activision are going to try and breathe new life into what has been for myself, an over-used franchise, in danger of following Guitar Hero to the giant playground in the sky.

Kotich himself has never held back in his enthusiasm to further commercialise a good game or two, and is more than aware of huge support CoD has, “ Our goal has been to create an experience that was amplifying enough and energising enough and igniting enough to that community to be able to be monetized… We think we’ll reset the bar once again for that genre and that franchise.”

“While we are attempting to deliver new incremental experiences that have yet heretofore been unseen by our players, we are not attempting to monetize or take any experience away that currently comes as part of the value proposition of buying the game.”

Call me simple, but as demonstrated during the recent Gears of War 3 BETA, I would much rather Activision invested in dedicated servers that actually improved the overall experience of play, rather than ensuring my Aunt in Birmingham knew I had called in my 20th pack of dogs to maul a helpless 10 year old from Skegness, via the powers of Twitter and Facebook.

What ever they have planned, lets hope its been worth the wait.


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