PS3 Game values are UP! Oh no wait, they’re really not….

So the PSN debacle is now getting very real for Playstation. And when i say very real i mean the very real that financiers, creditors and people like THE BANK care about.

That’s right, the average value of the PS3’s top 10 titles since the outage have been steadily falling through the floor. In fact down by 7.4%. At the risk of smothering this post with more horrendous excel spreadsheets, it does show in more detail the percentage loss by title that they’ve suffered i.e. significant if you take into account the hundreds of millions of $ in revenue represented by these seemingly insignificant fluctuations….

We can safely take from this that the gaming world is holding it’s breath to see if spending their hard-gotten pocket money is going to be worth it or they’d do better flogging the console altogether. In the meantime, gamers are very likely going to their reserve machine for their daily fix of gamey goodness. According to the data, that’s an Xbox360.

Can anyone else hear that clock ticking a little louder?

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