PSN is Back Up WoopWoop (£20 PSN Network Card Give-Away) [CLOSED] Winner- ‘Harps’

Thanks for all your submissions but we have a decided winner! Congraulations to ‘Harps’ for his witty Black Ops commentary. You’re now the proud owner of a £20 PSN Network card. Well done you.

As of this early hour in the morning the PSN is showing signs of life once more. Having been down for the best part of 4 weeks users will now be encouraged to download the latest security patch, bringing limited services back to the PSN.

AMAZING NEWS!? Not quite. Although it is alive, the 71 million users that have been inconvenienced by the outage, now appear to all be simultaneously trying to download said update, and as such, have crippled the servers. Given the inherent poor download speeds of the PSN, this is a particularly painful experience.

Hopefully we will be back up soon, enabling us to complete many of the online reviews that depend on the PSN.

To celebrate the return of the service, HardandSoftGaming are giving away a £20 Playstation Network Card. To enter, simply tell us below in the comments what you are looking forward to most now the service is back up and running.

Entries are limited to one per person, with the closing date Friday 20th May 2011 @ 12:00 GMT. A winner will be picked at random, and announced shortly after the competition closes.

Good Luck!!!!


5 thoughts on “PSN is Back Up WoopWoop (£20 PSN Network Card Give-Away) [CLOSED] Winner- ‘Harps’

  1. I want use the online tv streaming services with my spanking new tv.


    P.s. Maybe that £20 could subsidise a few movies (I shall include free reviews!)

  2. Looking forward to downloading infamous and little big planet.

    Followed shortly by throwing my PS3 controller at the screen after rage quitting a game of black ops now that no scoping and quick scoping have been brought back to the game.

    Not that I’m bitter …..

    • Well Done Harps! You won the £20 PSN Voucher. Good stuff, tell a friend! See you around HAS Gaming soon. We;ll email you he code to your posted address.

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