Most Wanted: Gears of War 3 is 4 months away and already breaking records

My esteemed colleague Richy summed up his feelings regarding Gears of War 3 rather well in his coverage of the beta: pre-order now. It appears that you did. One million of you, in fact.

Gears of War will be released on 20th September, but it’s already a record breaker. According to developers Epic Games and publishers Microsoft, Gears 3 has become the fastest-selling Xbox 360 exclusive title in history, even beating every previously released title in the much-loved Halo series.

Despite the popularity of the first two Gears of War titles, they were heavily criticised for failing to provide dedicated servers, and therefore games not only suffered from lag, but even instances of cheating, as industrious gamers of questionable moral character sought to exploit the way in which the signal is broadcast between gamers.

Not only did Epic Games provide almost a month of Beta access, which amounted to over 11 million games in total for 1.29 million players, but it showcased vast improvements in speed and response.

So, with gamers already chomping at the bit over competitive play, what other features can they expect? Well, you can drop in and out of four player co-op seamlessly, and to even the playing field a bit, Epic are even promising that players can select their own individual difficulty levels.

Epic have also been hard at work tweaking their industry-favourite Unreal 3 engine to provide one of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous and graphically visceral experiences to be had on the Xbox 360.

Perhaps the only disappointing news is that Gears of War 3 will apparently be the last in the series. Expect it to go out with a bang. But Epic Games, it seems, are going nowhere.

For a complete list of upcoming features, check out the official website.

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