Sony announces details of 12-month identity protection for PSN users

Nick Caplin is fast becoming a household name amongst European PS3 users. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Head of Communications has now released details of the complimentary Identity Protection programme which he had previously announced.

As Caplin points out, the legislation for Identity Protection is different in each country, and Sony are working hard to accommodate their vast range of users. However, they have released some details of the programme that will be offered to users in UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, through their partnership with Affinion International Limited.

Amongst other things, the programme will include financial protection in the form of insurance and card monitoring services, and a dedicated help and advice line.

This is an excellent move by Sony. Although the amount of actual damage that could result from the data theft itself is currently believed to minimal, users were as much frustrated by the way the incident was handled as they were about how long it took to be resolved.

At the time of writing, not all services have been resumed in Europe.

With the line-up of goodies announced in their Welcome Back package not exactly lighting up PSN users, the 12-months free protection programme could be exactly what Sony need to begin restoring confidence in their services.

Nothing as yet announced for PS3 users in Luxembourg, who were rather vocal about it too. And users from Africa, I have absolutely no idea what you are doing complaining to Sony Europe. Please feel free to contact Sony Middle East & Africa.


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