Sony Japan announce a new generation of PS3 to PSP crossover titles

Earlier this morning Sony Computer Entertainment Japan issued a press release announcing a new type of game to be released on the PS3 that ties in more than ever before with it’s handheld counterpart: the PSP.

The games will be part of the “Remaster” series and will essentially be HD remakes of PSP titles, much like the HD remakes of popular PS2 games such as God of War and Tomb Raider.

Why would you want to buy the same game twice? Well, these aren’t going to be straight ports. The PS3 release will not only possess greatly enhanced visuals, and 3d support for some, but many titles will also feature PS3 exclusive content. The most impressive feature, however, is that both titles will be compatible, allowing you carry on your game on either system.

The first officially announced title for the Japanese market is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, a ‘Remaster’ of the latest in the smash-hit Monster Hunter series, the 3rd, release of which has almost sold over 4.5 million units in Japan alone and become the fastest selling game in Capcom’s history.

Check out the trailer:

For those of you who remember the dark ages of the mid-naughties, there was much discussion about how Sony’s existing PSP would be compatible with the upcoming PS3. There was a lot of hype, and not a lot of delivery. Although users can currently use Remote Play to access some features, as well as download content via the PS3; it is only now, 5 years later, that true cross-platform abilities are being offered.

With the NGP due for release at the end of the year, and rumours suggesting Sony are hard at work developing the PS4, it feels as though they are testing the waters for a feature they plan to exploit in much more depth in the future. It could also be a very deliberate counter to some of the rumoured featured of Nintendo’s upcoming console, currently known as Project Cafe which supposedly streams content to it’s controller.

It’s great to see Sony are finally attempting to exploit the potential of their beloved but underutilised handheld, even if it is about to be replaced. With Nintendo expected to announce their new console in a couple of weeks time at E3, this could be exactly what Sony need to stop themselves losing ground in the next phase of the console war.


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