iOS 5

Although not strictly gaming news, it’s probably relevant to a lot of us. Here are a couple of titbits for you iPhone and iPad users out there:

With WWDC on June 6th, confirmed releases will be the iCLoud, OS X 10.7 Lion and, of course, iOS5. As Hard And Soft gaming isn’t a sweaty-palmed, frantic Apple fan boy retreat, the most relevant for most people will be iOS5 for your phone, its integration with the cloud and how it’s actually relevant

Voice Control (that’s actually good): The dark lord Jobs, i mean Vader, recently bought Siri, the voice recognition/activation system that is seemingly worth having and is dynamic and intuitive. Opening Apps, getting directions, finding places and  playing tracks will all become voice-activated within the year. And, from what i’ve read, it should be pretty good and not the kind of ‘voice activation’ where you shout the same word in 5 different accents to have the wrong function eventually load for you then crash.

Then there’s this iCLoud business the whole world appears to be talking about. Apple bought anothert 12PetaBytes of storage this year (yeah that’s another 12,000,000 Gb to get on with) to rattle around in their new Cupertino data centre and it’s expected that this review of the MobileMe subscription service will allow streaming content to your iPhone/iPad from your subscribed slice of cloud. That would pretty damn handy. Being able to access your OWN music and video content from wherever you are without using up local storage space. yes please. No more leasing a limited selection of content at an extortionate monthly cost (are you listening, Spotify?).

Finally, as of today, Apple has renewed it’s contract with Google, meaning the maps are coming across too in their standard form, but with the enhanced voice control and streetview, it’ll just be  a nicer way to get un-lost.  Now, if the rumours are correct, this will also allow expansion into Google’s ‘turn-by-turn’ Navigation system, essentially a fully functioning sat-nav onboard (can i hear TomTom running around in a panic looking for a new way of marketing their only product?). Should be interesting…….

Now, back to gaming


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