Call of Duty:Elite- Beta testing and features from E3 Press release

Call of Duty: Elite logoWell, it sounds like we’re late jumping on this bandwagon already. In its five days since announcement, the beta testing for COD:Elite (Activision’s new online multiplayer service be be released with Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th 2011)  has already surpassed over 1 million registrants. That’s a whole thousand thousand Call of Duty:Black Ops gamers who have applied to be let into the  mystic world of an Elite beta pre-release for general testing. We don’t currently have details on what criteria the lords of COD are looking for in potential testers but you can imagine it might have something to do with your unique ability to kick everyone’s ass, ALL of the time.

The aim behind this extra development testing comes in this form from the ‘horses’ mouth, Activision CEO, Eric Hirschberh:

“We are particularly excited about our new service Call of Duty Elite, which we believe will reset the bar for multiplayer and create a connected entertainment community around Call of Duty like nothing else in the industry.  Many of the service’s key features are free to players of all supported Call of Duty titles, which will elevate fans’ multiplayer experience beyond anything currently available in the market.”

Hmmmmmmm, vague…. yet intriguing nonetheless.

For those unaware, Call OF Duty: Elite is being billed by Activision as a ground-up rebuild of the online multiplayer experience and model, released with the launch of MW3 in November this year. It seems they have taken heed that a vast number of players exclusively play multiplayer from the moment the wrapping has been breached and therefore the world of warfare is now aware that the same model has been in effect for the last few years and re-vamp might be in order to deal with demand. However, I’m tempted to us the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but hey, I’m not making millions of $ a day from the most successful online game ever.  The Press release states that the new features will involve something like this:

“With Elite’s new Groups feature, players can join custom groups based on their likes, interests, or affiliations, and then have those groups follow you directly into the game.   Additionally, players can customize weapons, attachments and perks and push them directly into the game menu.  Those gamers who want to continue to play multiplayer out of the box, or purchase downloadable content a la carte throughout the year can continue to do so”

So it’s all a bit new and exciting. But what I really want is to hear first hand what these new ‘social media interactions’ actually mean for on-the-ground gameplay. If you happen to be one of the million applicants, you’re reading this and you get selected. HAS will reward you handsomely I’m sure if you give us some first hand insider feedback on what this is all going to look like.

Here’s hoping!…..

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