Konami X-Men Arcade and Bad Company 2 For iOS Devices

Crumbs! The App store launched these 2 little gems yesterday. Firstly a port of  the 1992 side-scroller X-Men, the arcade and then, the slightly more contemporary addition of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Now I haven’t tested either of these first hand but from the looks of it, they’ll both be great if you know what to expect.

From what I have seen of X-Men it will be very much novelty and nostalgia over function and form, something you’ll play a couple of times on the train then forget about, rather than a hardened gamers daily fix, but fun nonetheless for your £1.99.

As for Battlefield, for me the appeal of the Xbox version was the hyper-real wide environments and multiplayer carnage and it looks like this is not a bad representation at all for the iPad. You have a maximum 6 player multiplayer option over Wifi or 3G although i am sceptical about the lag-factor involved with the latter……. The graphics look slick given the  obvious mobile limitations but what I’d really like to comment on would be the handling and ease of use of the soft controls so hopefully I’ll update on this soon as possible……

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