NGP? That’s Playstation VITA to you

Sony’s biggest announcement, and the most exciting announcement of E3 so far is the official unveiling of Sony’s Playstation VITA, a handheld successor to the PSP, and formally known as the Next Generation Portable.

Despite the terrible impact of the recent earthquakes in Japan, Sony insist that the PSV will be ready for launch in either February or March 2012, and at a price tag similar to the original PSP at launch. Wifi enabled models are currently set to retail for about $250, with the Wifi/3G model unsurprisingly more at $299.

The new name means “Life” in Latin apparently, and is a reflection of the multimedia and augmented reality capabilities it’s touted to possess. So what did Sony show off exactly? To sum it up, a stunning piece of hardware and some gorgeous games to boot. 

Both the CPU and the Graphics card will be Quad core chipsets, seemingly powerful enough to run flagship title Uncharted: Golden Abyss with visuals almost comparable to it’s PS3 counterparts. If that’s still not enough for you, how about Little Big Planet and ModNation Racers with the ability to edit and create levels using a simple touchscreen drawing interface?

What about my old PSP games? Well, the UMD may be headed the way of the Dodo, but the PSV will not only be backwards compatible with all existing PSN content, it will even upscale your PSP games too: smoothing and improving graphics.

If you couple all of that with Sony’s recent announcement to allow greater compatibility, and even game and save sharing between the PS3 and portable devices, the PSV could be exactly what Sony needs to make up ground after recent severe setbacks.

2 thoughts on “NGP? That’s Playstation VITA to you

  1. that’s big news and really a music for my ear.
    Playstation VITA will be a dream-machine so far, now only if the software could use the whole possibility offered by PSV…

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