3DS – Firmware Update brings new goodies

Nintendo 3DSLike a London bus, you wait and wait and then two come along at once. 3DS early adopters have been missing not only new games but also some basic functionality since the launch of the console earlier this year. The latest firmware update that was released yesterday in the UK now allows users to not only download content, images, videos and background information from the Nintendo eShop but also provides internet browser functionality.

Whilst not unlike many smartphones, the browser built into the 3DS is solid enough, but is limited by a lack of keyboard small screen. As with many mobile devices the browser does not support a full suite of Adobe products, meaning that sites such as YouTube are still relatively redundant, with no apps able to replicate the service from the Nintendo store.

The store itself is a welcome addition and currently provides up to the minute information on upcoming releases, game trailers and DSi Ware titles all available to download, as well as old classics such as Super Mario Land, Tennis & Alleyway.

Also included in the update is the ability for the 3DS to take advantage of SpotPass to download new content and updates automatically and free from thousands of supported public WiFi access points across Europe.

System transfer has now been enabled, giving original DSi and DSi XL users the ability to transfer all of their DSi Ware content to the shiny new 3DS, something which I’m sure would have probably helped with improving the number of day one purchases had this of been available straight out of the box.

Other features include some minor system stability improvements, and for a very limited, but unspecified period of time customers can help themselves to a 3D remake of NES classic Exite Bike. Rendered in 3D but staying true to its roots, we have already spent a couple of hours trying to beat each others track times, and is a welcome insight into what Nintendo could potentially do with some of their older titles.

For some reason the update also affects Ridge Racer 3D, with a written apology in place amongst the terms and details of the download, and a further update and fix to the bugs caused by the end of the month.

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