Battlefield 3: Multiplayer Gameplay @ E3

DICE have unveiled the first piece of public footage of multiplayer in Battlefield 3. Entitled “Operation Metro”, we are treated to all of 30 seconds of very exciting gameplay, in the same manner as the teasers earlier this year.

It’s great to see that the quality of the singleplayer footage that we have already seen so far, carries over to the multiplayer. It’s got me very excited for the Beta in September (I also want to know if I need to keep my Medal of Honor DVD, or whether I can trade it in).

Battlefield 3 - Andy McNab motion capture

I'm Andy McNab, I'm Andy McNab, I'm Andy Mc Nab, I'm Andie MacDowell...

They also have a trailer displaying the cutting edge features of the game. They have put particular effort in to the  motion capture, going as far as recruiting an author to do some of the mocap work.


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