Xbox Live Reward Scheme: Keep it Up!

Xbox Live Reward Scheme
So, two months in and I’ve already forgotten to keep up to date with the Reward Scheme! I’ve just signed in again to complete my June survey, so another 20MSP should be on its way to my account. If I had checked in June, I would be sitting on 80MSP in a few days – oh well. Remember, there is a new survey every month – each worth 20MSP.

I’ll try to remember next month…

Don’t forget that if you have at least 100MSP in your Rewards account, it will be added to your actual Xbox Live account on the 15th of the month. Excess points roll-over.

I didn’t win any of the big prizes from the Gamer IQ test – although I seem to have been awarded a Halo Banshee Avatar Prop for taking part. I already have one of these from a 2100MSP card at Christmas, so I’ll be creating a competition for it soon.

I did, however, receive the promised 5% back on April marketplace purchases (another 20MSP) but I have no idea what I actually bought!

The currently running rewards are:

  • Fill out June’s questionnaire for 20MSP
  • Earn 100 points for:
    • your first Marketplace purchase
    • your first Netflix use
    • referring a friend to Gold
  • Earn 200 points for:
    • your first purchase or renewal of Xbox Live Gold Membership
  • Renew your Xbox Live Gold Membership and receive:
    • 10 points for a 1-Month Subscription
    • 30 points for a 3-Month Subscription
    • 200 points for a 12-Month Subscription
    • 400 points for a 12-Month Family Pack Subscription

You can check out the Xbox Live Rewards Site here.

You can view my original article here.



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