PS4 Scheduled for 2012

Playstation B&W LogoReports are gathering a pace that the followup to Sony’s third generation of consoles could be shipped as early as next year, and is in fact currently in production……

Many are stating Sony’s 10 year plan as a reason to disbelieve these rumours, however a 10 year life doesn’t mean 10 years at the top. With Sony themselves having kept the PS2 on life support for the last 3 and a half of its 11 year lifespan. Presuming, if real, that the PS4 would launch in a similar window to that of its predecessor, Sony would be looking to support 2 consoles for the next 4 years…. oh wait they’ve done that already!

Rumours include the new system shipping with “Kinect like” capabilities, and will no doubt grow to include the much touted 4D graphics that were missing from the PS3.

With the recent comments from the developer world of wanting to build for more advanced hardware to take advantage of some significantly improved graphics engines since 2005, we would be more than happy to see a 4-way brawl in 2012 for the next generation of dominance.

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