Mass Effect 2 – List of all DLC / July 2011 50% DLC Sale

Mass Effect 2 - Arrival DLC

Last week on Xbox Live, we were given the chance to vote for our favourite game to receive a 50% discount for it’s Downloadable Content. Mass Effect 2 won – just knocking out Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (which won a similar vote last year). I haven’t purchased any of the DLC for Mass Effect 2 – so my hope is that everything is on sale.

No further announcements have been made, other than this will be a ‘Deal of the Week’ in July sometime. Keep an eye on your dashboard – sales seem to go live on Tuesday evenings here in the UK – and its not this week.

I already have the Cerberus Network (free with new copies of the game and 1200MSP otherwise) and I want to pick up all of the mission packs (Kasumi: Stolen Memory, Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival) and also the Firepower Pack and Aegis Pack to beef up my weapons and armour. This would usually set me back 2800MSP or £24! I only paid £15 for the game. If they are all on sale this should bring it to 1400MSP (£12) – I don’t mind paying ~£30 for the “complete” experience of an awesome game. Though I doubt the DLC I have chosen counts for another 80% of the retail release. (I doubt it counts for 30% either – If I had paid £40.)

I guess there aren’t any other legal options though – Microsoft has us by the balls. I loved the game, so I’m prepared to spend a bit more on it.

– – –

The complete list of available Downloadable Content for Mass Effect 2, and the benefits they provide, is as follows:

    • Cerberus Network [Code Included in game – Otherwise 1200MSP / $14.99PSN]
    • Genesis (Mass Effect 1 Comic Book) [320MSP / Free on PS3 with Cerberus Network]
      • Allows you to make important choices from Mass Effect
    • Missions:
      • Zaeed: The Price of Revenge {Cerberus Network}
        • Character: Zaeed
        • Heavy Weapon: M-451 Firestorm
        • Power: Inferno Grenade
        • Upgrades:
          • Heavy Weapon Ammo (Paragon)
          • Assault Rifle Damage (Renegade)
      • Normandy Crash Site {Cerberus Network}
      • Firewalker Pack {Cerberus Network}
      • Upgrade: Biotic Damage
      • Kasumi: Stolen Memory [560MSP / Free on PS3]
        • Character: Kasumi
        • Weapon: M-12 Locust
        • Power: Flashbang Grenade
        • Upgrade: Tech Damage
      • Overlord [560MSP / Free on PS3]
      • Upgrade: Heavy Skin Weave
      • Lair of the Shadow Broker [800MSP / Free on PS3]
        • Character: Liara T’Soni (Temporary)
        • Weapon: M-12 Locust
        • Power: Stasis
        • Upgrades:
          • Damage Protection
          • Heavy Pistol Damage
          • Assault Rifle Damage
          • Shotgun Damage
          • Sniper Rifle Damage
          • Submachine Gun Damage
        • Outfit: Evening wear for Shepard
      • Arrival [560MSP / $6.99PSN]
          • Upgrades:
            • Heavy Weapon Ammo
            • Medi-Gel Capacity
            • Heavy Skin Weave
      • N7 Complete Arsenal Bundle [$7.99PSN -PS3 Only*]
        • Equalizer Pack [160MSP / $1.99PSN]
          • Armor: Inferno Armor {Pre-order}
          • Armor: Capacitor Helmet
          • Armor: Archon Visor
        • Aegis Pack [160MSP / $1.99PSN]
          • Weapon: M-29 Incisor sniper rifle {DDE}
          • Kestrel Armor:
            • Armor: Kestrel Torso Sheath
            • Armor: Kestrel Arm Sheathing
            • Armor: Kestrel Shoulder Pieces
            • Armor: Kestrel Hip-Mounted Power Pack
            • Armor: Kestrel Helmet
        • Firepower Pack [160MSP / $1.99PSN]
          • Weapon: M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol
          • Weapon: M-96 Mattock Heavy Rifle
          • Weapon: Geth Plasma Shotgun
        • Recon Operations Pack [ $1.99PSN – PS3 Only*]
          • Armor: Collector Armor {LCE & DDE}
          • Weapon: Collector Assault Rifle {LCE & DDE}
          • Armor: Recon Hood {Dr. Pepper}
          • Armor: Sentry Interface {Dr. Pepper}
          • Armor: Umbra Visor {Dr. Pepper}
        • Terminus Weapon and Armor {Pre-order}
          • Armor: Terminus Assault Armor
          • Heavy Weapon: M-490 Blackstorm
        • Alternate Appearance Pack 1 [160MSP / $1.99PSN]
          • Outfit: Garrus Vakarian
          • Outfit: Jack
          • Outfit: Thane Krios
      • Alternate Appearance Pack 2 [160MSP / $1.99PSN]
        • Outfit: Grunt
        • Outfit: Tali
        • Outfit: Miranda
      • Cerberus Assault Gear {Cerberus Network}
        • Armor: Cerberus Assault Armor
        • Weapon: M-22 Eviscerator
      • Weapon: Cerberus Arc Projector {Cerberus Network}
        • Heavy Weapon: Arc Projector
      • Blood Dragon Armor {Dragon Age: Origins} [Free on PS3]
        • Armor: Blood Dragon Armor

*This Bundle is only available on the PS3, most of the content is available on Xbox 360/PC and is priced as shown above.

Note, on the PC you are charged in Bioware Points instead of Microsoft Points – they have the same value.
Prices are listed in square brackets [] – if there is no price it isn’t available for sale. Any items available by other means are outlined with information in curly braces {}.
LCE is the Limited Collectors Edition and DDE is Digital Deluxe Edition.

Everything is available on the PS3 and a lot of it is available on the disk for free. If you haven’t bought it yet, and you want all of the DLC, this is a great reason to get it on PS3.
Some items are only available to Xbox 360 and PC players if they pre-ordered, took advantage of the Dr Pepper promotions and got the Digital Deluxe or Limited Edition versions of the game. Luckily, for those who didn’t, it seems that you can still get the “best” equipment elsewhere with paid DLC.

7 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 – List of all DLC / July 2011 50% DLC Sale

  1. Thanks for this!

    I voted for this last month and was just thinking “what happened to the ME2 DLC sales?”

    I know that the bulk of the players voted for that to be on sale in July but trying to nail down what week is impossible. My guess is that it will all be on sale in the last week of July.

    BTW- I searched and searched for any mention at all and this was one of the only posts I’ve seen that related to the July 2011 sale so thank you!

  2. thanks for the info guy. I was disappointing that this weeks DOTW was not ME2 again, meh… guess i gotta wait another week.

  3. It’s the last week of July and they have the same deal of the week as they did last week (GTA4 DLC). ME2 DLC won the vote, but it looks like Microsoft is betting on us gamers having a weak memory. So far they’ve written a check that their asses haven’t cashed. This is the kind of dishonest crap I expect from Sony, not Microsoft.

  4. No doubt it will be on sale…but I agree…it won the vote by a whopping 4% over BF2 DLC and L4D DLC so…I have no choice but to ask Microsoft myself and see what happens.

    My guess is that August is far more likely at this point. July is over.

    • Its on now. Kasumi, Shadow Broker, Arrival and the Blood Dragon Armour for avatars are on sale at the moment (you have to go into the marketplace to get them as its not on the dashboard atm). Hopefully they sort it so overlord is also on sale as I also want that but don’t have enough points to buy it at full price

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