Catherine – When Katherine just isn’t enough

Catherine - Trial Edition

An adult storyline combined with block-shifting, tower-climbing gameplay and more than a few stray sheep. Thank you Atlus.

Due for release on 26th July 2011 in the US on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, those of us in Europe haven’t yet got a release date. The PS3 version should be region free, so feel free to import. Those with an Xbox 360 are shit outta luck.

Katherine: Vincent's girlfriend of 5 years

Katherine: Vincent's girlfriend of 5 years

Catherine: Some wierdo nutcase

Catherine: Some wierdo nutcase

Catherine put you in the charge of Vincent, as he contemplates marriage to his girlfriend Katherine of 5 years – that is until Catherine sits down at his booth in the local bar. Full of uncertainty and experiencing nightmares every night, you must juggle worrying over your life in the bar during the day, and pushing blocks so that you can climb up a tower and escape to the clouds – during your nightmares at night.

The following video from Atlus shows off the story, characters and English voice acting and is well worth a look:

Whist the demo I played is all in Japanese, you can still experience the puzzle-based gameplay and soak in a bit of the atmosphere. The English demo is due to be released this coming Tuesday (12th) so you can try it and actually understand what is going on in the story. Presumably only in America though. The Japanese demo is currently available on the Japanese Xbox 360 Dashboard.

Catherine - Vincent sits and sulks

Vincent sits and sulks

Catherine - Gameplay Screenshot

What the hell is that?

The puzzle-based gameplay is old-school and fun, I only felt under pressure when I messed up and had to go back down. I could only play the game on Easy, so I imagine the crawling nightmare will be far more distracting and the puzzles more challenging on higher difficulties.

I’ve uploaded some gameplay of the second stage from the Demo. I don’t do very well, so you can see what happens when you fail. I do win in the end – and can show you what it looks like to get a bronze medal. Don’t I feel special…

You can see a load of videos about Catherine, in English, in this youtube playlist:

Catherine - Game Over screen

Collect pillows for the comfort of a retry

Twitter announcement of English Demo release by Atlus:!/AtlusUSA/status/88351924642004993

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