3DS Price Cut :( ….. Early adopters get 20 free games :)

That’s right, it’s only be out for a few short months, and although the initial Nintendo hype machine was in full swing building up to launch, the stalled flow of quality any software has resulted in lower than expected sales for the Big N.

Still billed as Nintendo’s greatest hardware launch success, the following weeks have months have not lived up to expectations. Earlier this week Nintendo had confirmed that the 3DS RRP would be reduced in the States and Japan, but they have now confimed that on August 12th, UK retailers will be able to purchase stock at a reduced rate, enabling them to discount from original RRP if they so choose…… please?!

For those who have spent the last few weeks frantically keeping your 3DS charged and dust free, awaiting the promised AAA titles, fear not, your money was not spent in vain. Nintendo is giving away 10 free Gameboy and NES titles to anyone that logs into the Nintendo e-shop by August 12th, in what has been labelled the Ambassador programme. I always told my mum I would amount to something one day, an Ambassador no less! :)

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