Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360: Please DICE take onboard MY opinions

Gimme those tags!

As always, I’ve found nit-picky holes in my new favourite online game-em-up, Battlefield 3. Maybe, one day, the holes won’t be there.

  • Why can I spawn on top of a helicopter? Please wait to confirm that a position is available before spawning me in.
  • Let me practice with the vehicles! I can’t fly for shit.
  • Custom class and vehicle loadouts slots please. (with separate tags/skins)
  • Using a mortar = invincible to road kills?
  • Why can’t I quit out between games?
  • Why can’t I change any options or game settings between games?
  • Please allow me to have the tactical light/laser sight off by default.
  • Stop switching my gun between the M4A1 and the AKs-74u when I change between US and RU. Remember the guns properly!
  • Why is the button for vehicle third-person view on the aiming thumbstick? I accidentally switch views all the time – how can it be my fault? Change it back to Up on the d-pad.
  • Help me encourage a random support guy to give me some ammo. (Give them a prompt ‘eddebaby111 will trade xp for ammo’ when I press the back button. They don’t listen to me calling out to them with the current feature)
  • Stop me from repeatedly getting in and out of a vehicle because I think the button didn’t work. Again, how can it be my fault?
  • Stop kicking me out of games and crashing/freezing my xbox. I know it’s you.
  • And finally… Where did half my sound go? At random I can only hear the ambient noises. All I know is a big explosion usually brings it back.

Otherwise, good job guys and gals. BF3 is the best online fun there is.


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